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What People Are Saying
I was really interested in the idea of medical cost sharing and I loved the affordable rates.  But signing that ‘statement of faith’ that they all required made me a little uncomfortable.  Then I found Sedera Health. They completely eliminated my hesitations about medical cost sharing.  They have no required statement of faith. Sedera members just agree to follow the membership guidelines. Sedera processes my medical expenses and negotiates the bills for me. I just pay a $500 initial unshared amount.  My monthly membership is less than half the premiums of my former Blue Cross health insurance with a $6,500 deductible.  Sedera membership is great for people like me who try to live healthy and just don’t go to the doctor that much.
I’m really thankful for Sedera and rest easy knowing that if something bad happens to me or my kids, I won’t get wiped out by a $10,000 ER bill, a 25,000 surgery or worse.
Art Goetze, CEO

Energy Funders is a technology startup and health insurance for our small team just wasn’t in the budget.  I was personally paying $1,465 a month for my family’s COBRA coverage on a previous employer’s plan.  When I stacked up the premiums plus the $5,500 deductible, the math just didn’t add up!  I had become interested in medical cost sharing after hearing about it on the radio.  But it was very different from insurance, and that seemed risky to me.  Thankfully, Aliere helped me make the leap.  I am super excited to report that my cost sharing membership is paying for me to get my sinuses fixed from my days as young ‘boxer’.  The exact same thing that my insurance declined to cover.  It’s over $24,000, but my cost is capped at $1,000, my initial unshared amount.

C. Minchew, CEO

Energy Funders

As an Action Coach I help small business owners solve problems and grow their businesses.  Every single one of my clients is struggling with the cost of health insurance.  Personally I was trying to figure out how to cover myself and my family.  When Art first approached me about Sedara medical cost sharing and direct primary care I was intrigued.  I’d heard about Liberty Health Share and another one on the radio.  I had also heard about membership primary care on the Sean Hannity radio show.  Aliere helped me put both in place and I couldn’t be happier.  I chose a $500 initial unshared amount and my DPC doctor has got me focused on getting healthy again.  Today I recommend that all my coaching clients sign up for Sedera’s medical cost sharing plan through Aliere Access.

Bob Kellpinger

Business Coach, Action Coach

Why Work With Aliere?

Experience and Expertise

Let’s face it: The insurance brokers are working for the insurance carriers. Thats who pays them. They have a real conflict of interest. They only get paid when you pick the insurance product they are selling. That earns them a big commission.  At Aliere we’re not in-bed with one insurance carrier or professional employer organization. We work with you to find the most affordable way to protect your family’s health, without breaking the bank.


Competition is always what separates the winners from the losers.

For employers we have an exciting medical cost sharing options. We make PEOs and insurance carriers compete to earn your business allowing you to skip the time consuming process of sourcing and negotiation. 

For individuals we give you direct access to the best medical cost sharing plans available. Our Aliere Access plan is powered by Sedera Health. It is the most affordable comprehensive solution for self employed and small employer groups.


The idea of bulk discounts lies at the heart of the American economy. Medical cost sharing leverages the power of the community to drive down costs at the provider and hospitals. Employees and individuals are no longer at the mercy of the insurance company to determine prices or what is covered and not. 

Save Time

Why waste dozens of hours coordinating phone calls, emails, and meetings – with multiple sales reps and vendors – when Aliere can handle the entire competitive bidding process for you? After just one conversation with your HR person, we can provide multiple “best-priced” quotes with zero hassle or fuss.


Let’s face it: You don’t have the time or experience to analyze benefits packages. They are so confusing and expensive.  Because of this, unsuspecting individuals and business owners end up spending way more than they should on health benefits.  We level the playing field by putting experience and insider knowledge on your side. Aliere ensures you get the best health benefits to suit your lifestyle and needs.

Zero Cost or Obligation

Our success is built on the referral fee vendors pay us if you decide to work with them. This results in you earning an immediate savings from day one.

Industry Knowledge

There’s an endless number of health benefit options to chose from. There’s a small army of insurance brokers and a mind-numbing amount of details to understand. It’s amazing (and risky) that anyone deals with this on their own!  Working with Aliere, lets you avoid the risk by putting an expert on your side.

No More Cold Calls!

If you are a small employer this should be a dream come true.  Eliminate the sales calls.  Simply forward those pesky benefit and PEO sales calls straight to us.  Once they hear that Aliere is on your side we instruct them to remove you from the list, stop calling or just call us instead of you.


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