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Energy Funders is a Fin-tech startup company.  We really needed health insurance for our small team, but it just wasn’t in the budget.  I was paying $1,565 a month for my family on a Blue Cross plan. Thinking about twelve months of premiums plus the $5,500 deductible, the math just didn’t add up!  I heard about medical cost sharing on the radio, but it was really different and seemed risky.  Aliere helped me understand how cost sharing actually works a lot like insurance. I am super excited to report that my cost sharing membership is paying to fix my sinuses.  It’s going to be about $24,000, but my out of pocket cost is capped at my initial unshared amount of $500. My old Blue Cross insurance had declined to cover the same procedure. C. Minchew, CEO

Energy Funders

As an Action Coach I help small business owners solve problems and grow their businesses.  Every single one of my clients is struggling with the cost of health insurance.  Personally I was trying to figure out how to cover myself and my family.  When Art first approached me about Sedara medical cost sharing and direct primary care I was intrigued.  I’d heard about Liberty Health Share and another one on the radio.  I had also heard about membership primary care on the Sean Hannity radio show.  Aliere helped me put both in place and I couldn’t be happier.  I chose a $500 initial unshared amount and my DPC doctor has got me focused on getting healthy again.  Today I recommend that all my coaching clients sign up for Sedera’s medical cost sharing plan through Aliere Access. Bob Kellpinger

Business Coach, Action Coach

The idea of a community sharing medical bills was pretty unusual, but the monthly rate was hard to believe.  Sedera had great answers to my concerns.  Sedera’s members just agree to follow the membership guidelines and there is no statement of faith required. They negotiate my medical bills and then send me the money to pay them. It was fast and easy.  I just pay a $500 initial unshared amount and the rest gets shared.  The monthly cost is literally half what I was paying to Blue Cross with a $6,000 deductible.
I live healthy and I don’t go to the doctor that much. Thats why medical cost sharing is great for me.  It’s comforting to know if something bad happens we have a way to access the very best medical care and pay for it.
Art Goetze, CEO

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