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Health Insurance is Obsolete

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A Proven Alternative

It’s no secret, health insurance is a disaster. Sky-high premiums and out of pocket costs are unaffordable for most individuals, families, and businesses. Aliere Access is a new and innovative way to access and pay for healthcare. It’s called medical cost sharing. It’s affordable, easy to use, and there are no network limitations.

Are You Over Paying for Health Benefits?

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Out of The Box Healthcare

Individuals and Families

A refreshingly simple way to access and pay for healthcare that’s best for you. It’s a whole new experience that’s affordable, accessible, and effective.

Health Benefits that Employees Appreciate

Employer Groups

You’ve got an incredible team. Give them incredible healthcare – that’s affordble

New Perspective on Association Health

A Voluntary Association Health Benefit

Your members are struggling over health benefits.  Give them access to a health insurance alternative they can actually afford. It can even help fund your association!

Sharing is the Solution

Brokers and Advisors

Your clients are furious about the high cost of health insurance. Instead of losing the relationship, show them how sharing can cut costs and increase employee appreciation.

I can’t afford to lose employees, especially my climbing route setters.  Great climbing is what our customers come back for.  Expert route setters are hard to find.  Thats why we cover the cost of a Sedera membership with a $1000 IUA. All my people are in their 20s and 30s so it’s ridiculously affordable. We could never afford health insurance before this came along.  The  employees really appreciate that we pay for medical cost sharing. We like being part of a movement that’s fixing healthcare.


Owner, Texas Rock Gym

I was paying $1,865 a month to Blue Cross for my family and we had a $14,500 family out of pocket – it was nuts! I heard about medical cost sharing on the radio. When I saw how affordable Aliere Access was  even with the lowest initial unshared amount of $500, I was sold! I’m thrilled with our plan and saving over $1,000 every month is awesome.


Family of 4

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