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Energy Funders is a small startup company.  To hire the right people we needed health insurance bad, but it was so expensive.  Heck, I was paying $1,665 a month to Blue Cross for my family.  We had a $13,500 family deductible!  Simply, nuts!  I heard about medical cost sharing on the radio.  When I saw how medical cost sharing spreads out the risk I was convinced.  For me it serves the same purpose as insurance for about half the cost.  

C. Minchew, CEO

Energy Funders

At Action Coach I help business owners grow their business.  My clients all struggle with the cost of health insurance.  I was looking for a better way to cover me and my wife.  I’d already heard about Liberty Health Share and direct primary care on the Sean Hannity radio show.  Aliere helped me make the switch.  I signed up with a $500 IUA and I’m saving $1,000 per month.

Bob Kellpinger

Business Coach, Action Coach

Texas Rock Gym employees agree don’t get paid much. But I can’t afford to lose them either.  Because good route setters are hard to find.  TRG pays for the $1000 IUA. Since they are under 30 its ridiculously affordable. I could never afford health insurance before. My employees really appreciate it.
Matt Treadway, Owner

Texas Rock Gym

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