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About Aliere

We are on a quest to bring something better to the table.

Unaffordable health insurance premiums and sky high deductibles have left far too many American families exposed and functionally insured. One bad incident can spell disaster, and to us that’s not right.

Our Story

It’s no secret that traditional health insurance is a mess. Fortunately the ‘Sharing Economy’ has delivered an afffordable way to replace bad health insurance.

Aliere teamed up with Sedera Health to offer individuals, families and businesses an innovative new way to pay for expensive health care needs. It’s called Medical Cost Sharing, and it’s simple, affordable, and amazing.

This isn’t old school health insurance – it’s much better. Together we are building a new kind of healthcare ecosystem, a community focused on healthy living and sharing the costs of each other’s medical care.

Some people say ‘it sounds too good to be true’. But the truth is, Medical Cost Sharing has an impressive 30-years of success. Today, nearly 2 million people count on a membership their medical cost sharing community.  They feel safer trusting a health conscious community, over a profit driven insurance company.

“After years of dealing with insurance companies, we finally have someone on our side who is looking out for our best interests.”

Meet Our Founder – Art Goetze

From ground up startups to billion dollar rollups, Art has done it all.

We Are Committed To Being

Solution Shapers

Health Champions


Community Builders

Anti Status Quo







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