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Aliere is on a quest, to wipe-out expensive health insurance by showing individuals, families and employers a better way.

It’s no secret, health insurance is failing!  Yet a lot of people still think that health insurance is the only way to protect against expensive health needs. They probably still look up things in the yellow pages too. But there’s good news about health insurance. The modern Sharing economy has come up with a better way. Aliere Access is a new and innovative alternative to bad health insurance. It’s medical cost sharing that’s easy, amazing and affordable.  

Medical Cost Sharing isn’t insurance, in many ways it’s better. We are building a new kind of healthcare ecosystem, a community, focused on healthy living and sharing the costs of each other’s medical care. Some people say ‘its like ‘Go Fund Me’ for each other’s health care expenses. Some say it sounds too good to be true. Well, it is, and it does, but it’s not. Would you rather place your family’s health in the hands of a profit minded insurance company, or trust in a health minded community? 


Aliere Access membership is open to individuals and associations. Aliere Select is only for employer groups.

We Are Comitted to Being:

Solution Shapers

Health Champions

Community Builders

Anti Status Quo

Aliere Leadership

Aliere was founded by successful Houston entrepreneur, Art Goetze. His first attempt fixing a broken healthcare system was rolling out the nation’s first freestanding ER centers and a license law in Texas. “I thought we solved a big problem, only the problem just got worse.”

The ER was a front row seat to the most extreme examples of the broken system: hyper-inflation and insurance driven medicine. He was shocked by the waste, overhead, and systemic excesses.  He was even forced by giant health insurance companies to send out staggering medical bills to families who could not afford to pay them. He knew then that there had to be a better way.

Recognizing an unanswered need in the healthcare delivery model, Aliere combined efforts with a Houston physician to build a membership-based, Direct Primary Care practice.  The combination of modern technology and easy access to unlimited care, converted average patients into savvy, budget conscious consumers. DPC members say ‘it’s like having a doctor in your family’.  It helps patients manage everyday care and keeps big insurance from calling all the shots (wink).  But DPC offered nothing to pay for the bad stuff.  DPC patients were still paying big fat insurance premiums, skyhigh deductibles, plus 20-30% co-insurance if something bad happened. So Art searched for a better alternative.

Thus began our affiliation with the leaders in medical cost sharing: Sedera Health. The Sharing Economy is improving our world in many ways. There are countless examples of sharing reinventing old-school industries, like hospitality and taxis. Art believes that Health Insurance is next.  The principals of medical cost sharing are proven reliable by over 30 years of sharing in Christian health ministries. 

Today, Aliere and Sedera combined have medical cost sharing members in 45 states sharing each other’s medical needs, with no faith required.

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