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In case you haven’t noticed, sharing is disrupting the world we live in. The overnight success of Uber, Air BnB, GoFundMe, and others just proves it. Now the sharing movement is reinventing healthcare too. It's the next juggernaut to be cut down to size by the Sharing movement. The largest industry on the planet is embracing the transformation, and with great transformation, comes great opportunity. The time to profit from this wave is right now. 

Sharing is the kind of disruptive innovation that is changing everything. New markets emerge, old ones just fade away. With change like this comes big winners, and big losers. The winners will be those who see the change and ride the wave to fame and fortune.  

With Medical Cost Sharing the commmunity shares each other's healthcare needs. Members simply trust the community to share medical bills, instead of looking to insurance to pay. Medical Cost Sharing, is clearly not insurance! It’s more reliable and super affordable. 

Literally everyone is sick of expensive health insurance. Thats why medical cost sharing is poised explode. Lets discuss how Aliere can help you to catch the wave, and grow your income by sharing this new health insurance alternative with your clients and friends! 

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Open Access to Quality Health Care

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Save 30-60%

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How Does It Work

The medical cost sharing model challenges the age old assumption that insurance is the best way to pay for health care. 

Sedera does this using good old fashioned statistics, and an innovative layering of healthcare services. The Aliere Access plan is powered by Sedera and enables individuals and families access to high quality healthcare that is flexible and affordable. Sedera's community gives members the confidence that there's a way to pay for the big stuff.  

In addition to shared medical expenses (after the IUA) members get unlimited Telemed visits 24/7, completely free second opinions from leading specialists, expert medical bill negotiators, limited counseling and a personal Member Advisor to help when they have questions about finding a doctor or submitting a bill.

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Hear It From A Member

Included With Membership

Medical Cost Sharing

Members prefer the cost sharing model because of the simplicity and open access to any doctor or hospital. About half the monthly cost of insurance and freedom of choice. Medical Cost Sharing is the healthy alternative to health insurance.  

Personal Member Advisor

From finding a great dentist for the kids, to locating the best price on medications, Member Advisors strive to ensure you have a positive experience and get the best results from your Sedera membership.

Unlimited Telemedicine

Unlimited 24/7 access to industry leading Teledoc. Board certified physicians via video, phone or chat. Who assess your condition, make recomendations and prescribe medications as needed.

Expert Second Opinions

Free for any Member with a non-emergency surgical diagnosis. Video chat about your condition and diagnosis with some of the best doctors in the country. Service provided by SecondMD.

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