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News: 95% of Texas-Based Businesses Are
Throwing Cash Down the Drain on
Overpriced PEO Contracts.

Can I show you a guaranteed way to save as much as $3,500 per
employee per year, while slashing HR expenses anywhere
from 20-40%… in as little as one month?

Did you know the chemicals inside your body – iron, calcium, etc. – are worth
about $160 based on current market rates?

If you’re like 99.9% of American adults, you didn’t even know the chemicals in your body were worth anything! Why do I bring this up? As you may or may not know, there are three categories of knowledge…

Things you know, such as the fact the sun is larger than planet earth. Things you know you don’t know, such as the distance from earth to the sun. And things you don’t you don’t know, such as the value of the chemicals in your body. And what does this have to do with your company’s Professional Employer Organization (PEO)? Everything. And here’s why.

What You Don’t Know About PEOs May Be Draining Your Profits

Of the 15% of small business owners that have chosen to work with a PEO, most hired their HR provider directly. However, there are over 700 PEOs in the United States!

Meaning, even if you shopped five different vendors (a near impossible task given how hard it is to perform an apples-to-apples comparison between proposals), you would still be missing out on over 99% of the options available to you.

My point?

Similar to how you don’t know what you don’t know, there’s no way you can possibly
know how much you’ve overpaying for PEO services until you look! The complications, however,
don’t stop there. If you hired your provider directly, odds are you worked with a salesperson
employed by that company. On the one hand, this is great, as these men and
women are highly versed in the services they sell.

Are You Getting The Full Value of
Your PEO Fee?

This, however, does not mean they have your back. In reality, the salaries of most
PEO salespersons are based on commissions. Which means, it is in their best interest
to push you into most expensive contract (aka the one which earns them the highest
paycheck). How could we possibly know such a thing?

Before founding Aliere Advisors, CEO Art Goetze closed over 220+ venture-backed acquisitions. During
this time he built the nation’s largest publicly-traded mechanical services companies, which employed over
35,000 Americans. As you can imagine, outsourcing the HR tasks involved in managing so
many employees was critical to making that business a success.

After experiencing firsthand the tremendous value a PEO can provide to small companies,
Art began negotiations to purchase a PEO of his own.

The Dirty Underbelly of the PEO

Sadly, his due diligence lead to the discovery of shady (and flat out disturbing) backroom dealings. In the complex world of HR, benefits, and employer regulations, it’s pretty much impossible for an average business owner to stay on top of things.

Knowing this, a small group of greedy insurance executives saw an opportunity to start a PEO and make a fast buck or two.

First, aggressive salespersons took advantage of unassuming entrepreneurs, charging sky-high prices for sub par services. Second, executives used complex accounting to disguise excessive fees, hide unearned admin costs, and nickle and dime innocent clients for a la carte services.

Why Aliere Advisors Is Different

Art, however, had a different vision. He knew PEO represented an incredible opportunity for
small business owners to outsource a costly and time-consuming part of the
operations – Human Resources.

At the same time, he understood how complicated it was to navigate the muddy waters of HR
and benefits. With regulations varying from state to state, and big money on the line for each and every
contract, Art knew there had to a better way.

So he set out to start Aliere Advisors, an employer consulting firm dedicated to helping small
businesses cut expenses – transparently. How?

Competition Breeds Winners

First, we get to choose from over 700 to select the best PEOs in America
and get them competing to earn your business. Second, we filter the data
to identify the 3-5 options most inline with your company’s objectives.
Next, we present the results in a format that is both easy to understand
and compare.

We also factor in alternate coverage options the PEOs don’t want you to
know about. Why? Because, if it’s more cost-effective to secure coverage
outside of what the PEO has to offer, we think that’s something you should
know about?

Price, however, isn’t our only concern. As we both know, you get what you
pay for. Because of this, we run each and every provider through a 21-point
quality inspection.

By doing this, we ensure each and every one of our clients is connected
with an established – and reliable – provider. We’ll also help you:

Ensure you’re not wasting tens - if not hundreds - of thousands of dollars on your PEO

An A to Z analysis of your current PEO contract (think of this like the HR version of a doctor’s second opinion)

Save you, or the person handling HR, 50+ hours in policy reviews, renewals, and negotiations

And remember, 95% of the companies who go through our ‘HR Cost Analysis’
discover they’re able to get more comprehensive benefits at a lower cost.

Ready to find out if your company is paying too much for PEO benefits and health coverage?

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