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“News: Under-the-Radar Strategy
Has Near 95% Success Rate Helping
Texas-Based Businesses Slash HR Costs
by 20-40%”

Can I show you a simple 10-step process for reducing your company’s
HR expenses… without getting buried in paperwork or throwing a
wrench into daily operations?

Let me ask you something: Would you ever try to climb Mt. Everest by yourself?

Keep in mind, the path to the top is plagued by ice caves, avalanches, and endless underground caverns. Not to mention the 1.6% of climbers who never make it back down the mountain.

If you’re like most sane adults, your answer is a resounding “No!” Instead, you would hire a Sherpa (guide) who has navigated the crag a million times, and can show you safest and easiest path to the top.

So why do I bring this up?

HR Is Getting More Complicated
by the Day

While navigating the complex world of HR may not be as physically threatening
as climbing Mt. Everest, one could argue it is more complicated. Despite this, well meaning
business owners delegate “Human Resources” to employees who have little to no


The result?

Overpaying (sometimes through the nose) for employee benefits

Getting tagged for non-compliance with state and federal employment regulations (exposing the company to potentially serious liabilities)

Realizing you’ve got insufficient coverage right AFTER a bombshell employment lawsuit lands inyour lap

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. With constantly changing laws, hundreds if not thousands of solutions and vendors to choose from, keeping up with this stuff is a full-time job.

Sadly, most CEOs have no idea how serious this can become (let alone how much they’re overpaying for coverage). And really, who’s to blame?

I don’t know a single entrepreneur who started a business so they could deal with employment paperwork. And keeping up with all those regulations?
“No thanks.”

Delegating HR to An ‘Office Manager’ Costing
Small Businesses Big Bucks

With that said, trying to handle this on your own (or delegating it to someone with little to no experience),
could be sucking tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars out of your bottomline. Here’s why
I’m telling you this.

Here at Aliere Advisors, we have a 95% success rate helping our clients save money on HR benefits and
services. From worker’s comp to medical plans, our clients consistently cut 20-40% off their ongoing
human resources expenses.


How to Slash Costs by Outsourcing HR

As you may or may not know, one in six small businesses are using what is
called a Professional Employer Organization (PEO). PEOs are ‘co-employers’
in the sense they allow you to outsource a part of your company’s internal
operations: HR and employee administration duties.

On average, companies that outsource to PEOs:

Grow 7-9% faster than non- PEO users

Experience 10-15% less employee turnover

Are 50% less likely to fail (defined as going out of business by the SBA)

Now, as was already mentioned, companies that come to us have a 95% chance of securing higher quality HR
benefits and HR services at a lower cost (compared to what they’re paying now).

Because of this, our average client saves anywhere from $500 to $3,500 per
employee per year
. Which means, if you have 50 employees (as an example), you could
be flushing anywhere from $25,000 to a whopping $175,000 down
the toilet every single year.

But that’s not all. While some businesses recognize the benefits a PEO brings to the
table, many of them make the mistake of shopping individual vendors
on their own. The result?

Complicated proposals make it near impossible to do an apples-to-apples comparison between two or more vendors

Aggressive salespersons who push unassuming prospects into the packages that earn them the highest commissions

Hard-working business owners end up paying sky-high rates for sub-par services

Now, you might be thinking: “Ok, that makes sense.
But what makes you so much better?”

Why You Should Not Try Do This On
Your Own

First, we are a PEO broker. Because of this, we are not loyal to (or manipulated by) any one
company. Instead, we get the best PEOs in America competing to earn your business. How?

While you’ll have the opportunity to better understand our unique 10-step process on the next
page, think of it like a time-saving, money-saving, automated RFP process.

However, you don’t have to get bogged down with sales calls, appointments, and tedious
information requests from (randomly selected) vendors. Instead, you speak with us just once
(for 10-15 minutes) and we get the best 3-5 fighting to earn you as their client.

Hidden Savings Strategies

We also shop alternative coverage options the PEOs don’t want you to know about. Why? Because, if it’s cheaper to secure coverage outside what a PEO has to offer, we think that’s something you should know about?

Price, however, isn’t our only concern. As we both know, you get what you pay for. Because of this, we run each and every provider we work with through a 21-point quality inspection.

By doing this, we ensure each and every one of our clients is connected with an established – and reliable – provider. And that’s why 95% of the companies who go through our ‘HR Cost Analysis’ secure more comprehensive benefits at a lower cost.

Want to find out if your company is paying too much for HR?

If so, please click here for a brief explanation of our free,
10-step HR Cost Analysis process.