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A new and unique way to offer health benefits for members, and fund your association too. It’s a surprisingly affordable alternative to expensive health insurance, or no insurance at all. 

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The Shift Toward Sharing

In case you haven’t noticed, 'Sharing' has become a big deal. It's changing the world we live in. Overnight success like Uber, Air BnB, GoFundMe, and others prove it. All the signs point to health insurance being the next juggernaut to be cut down to size. That is where Medical Cost Sharing comes in. 

Now just to be clear: Medical Cost Sharing, is NOT insurance! It’s proven to be reliable and super affordable. This may bother you insurance lovers. But we think it’s the best part!  

Think of Medical Cost Sharing like a GoFundMe, only for expensive healthcare needs.

Instead of trusting a profit driven insurance company, Medical Cost Sharing members simply trust the community to pay.

Aliere and Sedera Health have combined to host the only medical cost sharing platform built exclusively for associations. Our Association Access health solution allows organizations to offer an additional benefit to their members that is perfect for members struggling to afford health insurance or worse, gambling without. There are special association member rates for individuals, families, and groups. An optional management fee, that goes to benefit the association, can be included.  

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An association exists to serve the collective needs of its members.  

Your members contribute their time and money with a purpose and an expectation of something in return. The association has a charter to provide value to members. If the Association isn’t giving sufficient value, then members won’t stick around for very long.  

Managing an association isn’t easy, it’s a lot of work. Keeping up with members and dues, organizing events, meetings, website and communications can be daunting. Limited resources can really work against you and the goals of your association.  

Funding association priorities is the number one concern expressed by professional association managers. Most fund operations with dues and event fees. Another way to make the budget work is by selling vendor access. A successful association vendor program can finance the annual budget. Participating vendors are selected for suitability and members use them because its good for the association. It’s a win-win. 

The Aliere Access medical cost sharing membership is ideal for individual members and employers. It also helps to fund association priorities.  

The cost of health insurance is simply out of control. Everyone is feeling the pinch! 

Self-employed individuals and small employers are being crushed by the cost of healthcare and health insurance. According to a recent survey, affordable health benefits is the number one concern of more than 80% of business owners and independant contractors. For many medical cost sharing is the answer.  

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Open Access to Quality Direct Care

No networks, no limits, no kidding!

Save 30-60%

Thats real money in the bank - or a new car in your garage.

The Driver's Seat

The care you want, when you want. With help from Sedera when you need it.

How Does Medical Cost Sharing Work

Sedera's medical cost sharing model challenges the age old assumption that insurance is the best way to pay for health care. 

We do this using good old fashioned statistics, and an innovative layering of healthcare services. The Access Plan enables individuals and families access to high quality healthcare that is flexible, effective and very affordable. Sedera's community of sharing gives members the confidence that there's a safe way to pay for the big stuff.  

In addition to 100% shared medical expenses (after the IUA) members have unlimited Teledoc visits 24/7, completely free second opinions from leading specialists, experts who negotiate their medical bills and a personal Member Advisor to help with questions like finding a doctor or submitting a bill for sharing.

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Services Included With Membership

Medical Cost Sharing

Members really enjoy this low cost cost sharing model because its high quality, accessible and most of all effective. This health insurance alternative has a lower monthly cost, smaller out of pocket and freedom of choice.

Personal Member Advisor

From finding the right dentist for their kids, to uncovering the best price on medications, Sedera's Member Advisors ensure members have a positive experience and get the best results from their Sedera membership.


Members have unlimited access to Teledoc 24/7. Board certified physicians are available via phone or video chat. They can assess your situation and prescribe medications when appropriate.

Expert Second Opinion

Members can speak with the best doctors in the world via phone or video consultation. Members get an expert second opinion without air travel or a hotel stay.

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