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The new ‘Bridge to Medicare’ for the Greatest Generation

His life long dream was nearly destroyed by the high cost of health insurance. At the young age of 57, Bob decided to follow his dream to be an entrepreneur. His wife Kathy had already retired from teaching and was self-employed selling homes. Bob walked away from a...

Can Medical Cost Sharing Fix Healthcare?

  Its hard to deny the disruption being caused by the recent boom of the Sharing Economy. Sharing is transforming a number of seemingly untouchable markets. Who could have imagined people paying to ride in a stranger's car, or paying to stay in someone else's house...

How DPC Physicians Help Your Employees Manage Their Weight

Unfortunately, it’s no secret that weight management is an issue in this country. According to NIDDK, over a third of adults (35.7 percent) are considered to be obese, with more than one in 20 adults having “extreme” obesity. Furthermore, almost three out of every...

Employer Health Trends to Follow

As a business leader, it’s important for you to provide your employees with the best and most up-to-date healthcare options. But, with such a constant stream of information coming your way - and not to mention so many other responsibilities that...

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How DPC Can Save Your Employees’ Time

When it comes to your employees’ time, you know that it is precious. Between their hectic work schedules, busy personal lives, and yearn to have more time to themselves, there doesn’t seem to be any flex time for them to waste. Especially when it...

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How DPC Can Help Your Company Attract Young Talent

Through our blog and company, you’ve learned about the benefits of Direct Primary Care (DPC) as well as how it differs from a more traditional medical insurance model. But what you probably haven’t realized is that offering your employees this...

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Employees That Will Benefit Most from DPC

Direct Primary Care (DPC) healthcare is proving to be a force to be reckoned with when it comes to medical care insurance, and it’s becoming a highly coveted benefit to be offered to employees in the workforce. In this article we will discuss the...

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