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Reduce ‘Out of Pocket‘ Medical Costs
With This Amazing New Benefit

Are high deductible health plans a benefit for your employees, or a curse?

Health insurance is supposed to be a good thing, offered as a valuable employee benefit.  It’s suppose to be a way to reward employees and keep them loyal to the business.

Sadly, high deductible health plans (HDHP) have turned into a ticking time bomb for most employees. Especially those with families. According to research done by Forbes, employees with HDHP plans are actually delaying treatment due to overall out of pocket cost. They just can’t afford the co-pays and high deductibles on top of the already high premiums.

They know a single stay in the hospital can wipe out years of worth of savings.  Altering the family’s plans for the future. Or worse, they avoid seeing the doctor because they don’t want to miss work waiting around forever just to see the doctor for 7 minutes or so.  Then, if there’s any lab work or tests to be done, a $35 office visit can quickly turn into a $500 – $1,000 medical bill.  

TRUTH: Most employees are afraid of using their health benefits.  

As an employer, affordable health plans being offered nowadays provide such little coverage, it is almost embarrassing to call it a benefit.  Instead of a benefit, high deductible health plans cause some employees consider switching employers just to get better benefits.   

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could offer unlimited healthcare benefits to every for employee – for FREE?  

Wouldn’t it be even more amazing if you could reduce insurance costs at the same time?

That is exactly what Direct Primary Care benefits can do for you and your employees.  

What are Direct Primary Care benefits?

We’ve discovered a perfect alternative to those outrageously expensive low deductible health plans.  The model is called Direct Primary Care (DPC), and you may have heard of it, because it’s been getting a lot of press in publications like the Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, and Forbes, as more businesses embrace this healthcare model and think “Why didn’t we do this sooner?” 

DPC is kind of like having a doctor in your family – except that instead of paying them in cookies, you pay a small, flat monthly fee per employee (usually $100-200/mo less than you pay for now for lousy insurance with poor coverage options).

This gives your employees:

  • 24/7 access to a dedicated primary care doctor, by phone, text, in person or even carrier pigeon
  • All of their preventative care, health screenings, urgent care needs, and labwork at no out-of-pocket costs
  • Unlimited office visits (or the option to Skype if they don’t need to be seen in person)
  • And a personal physician who always has time for them pro-actively managing their health.

It’s exactly how healthcare is supposed to work (but doesn’t).

Employees love the unlimited access to their own dedicated primary care physician whenever a health concern arises.

With Direct Primary Care, physician are able to spend significantly more time with patients at no additional cost.  Instead of avoiding the doctor until things get out of control, expensive, and difficult to manage, employees have access to a personal physician as if they are a part of their immediate family caring for their health.

I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and high blood pressure. I also suffer with anxiety and depression. I cannot express how my DPC physician and his team took care of me. The one word that comes to mind is CARING. You would not believe the communication that went back and forth. It seemed “too good to be true”. I experimented with different medication and they were in communication with me EVERY step of the way. I cannot thank you enough for making a very scary diagnosis less scary. I feel blessed to have this team of medical professionals helping me. I feel better than I have in a year, and I owe it to you for taking the time to get to know me. Never has a doctor spent more than 20 min. with me. My experience with DPC is the opposite. They take TIME getting to know me and follow up to make sure a healthy lifestyle is ahead! My experience has been 5 stars. I’m not scared to tackle health problems because I’m not alone. They are on MY TEAM and for that…I am forever thankful.
Allison B.

When you offer Direct Primary Care, your company will have a dedicated doctor managing the health and well-being of your employees and their families.  If your doctor recommends additional diagnostics or specialized care to someone, he’ll call ahead to make sure they first get the best cash price first.  This way your employees can can decide if insurance is a better option or paying for it upfront with cash is cheaper. This really reduces an employee’s out of pocket costs. It also limits big claims on the employer’s health insurance policy. And everyone knows that premiums are a reflection of claims and the insurance company’s profits. Its simple, less claims means lower insurance premiums.  

Slash the number of claims hitting your health insurance policy; reduce your premiums next year.

If you don’t already know, premiums are just the number of claims hitting your policy plus big insurance company’s overhead, and thier record breaking profits. It’s common sense that less claims mean premiums will most likely drop. Unfortunately, the current healthcare system is works in the opposite direction.  Most doctors and hospitals bill on a fee for service basis. Simply put, this means the more services they tack onto an office visit, the more money they make. On the contrary, a direct primary care physician makes money by keeping patients healthy. Keep your employees healthy.  The incentive to bill for unnecessary care is completely eliminated. In the DPC model, everyone benefits: employee, patient, employer and physician. Now that’s what I call an employee benefit.

With the sudden illness I’ve had in the past 3 months I’ve found that reaching out to my DPC Dr is much easier than having to run to the doctor’s office and spend hours doing so. Such easy access… no waiting a day or two to have a nurse or doctor return my calls. The time and attention given to my needs and not having to go through a nurse before getting to discuss my illness with you… so worth it. I most definitely would recommend to others and have already. This has saved so much time and money by having such easy access to a doctor and medication made available quickly by the suggested pharmacy. I would like to add the fact that it has meant a lot to know that you take time to check on your patients. You don’t just check on with a phone call but you ask questions and give references on where to search for additional information available to help understand ones concerns of their condition.
Silvia S.

Using traditional insurance means employees have zero control over the cost of health care. The insurance company dictates the price they end up paying.  Often times it’s 300-600% higher than the cash price.  Yet with high deductibles and copays, employees are footing the bill for most care and are paying highly inflated prices to boot. A double whammy. That’s on top of the outrageous insurance premiums for both, employer and employee. Its ridiculous!

Truth be told, did you know a full wellness panel (blood and urine) only costs about $30 wholesale?  It’s true. Insurance companies charge around $400-$600 for the same exact test!  In other words, your so called “benefit” is not benefiting your employees, it’s giving the insurance company a license to rip off your employees.

Give us 20 minutes and we’ll show you how to Direct Primary Care for FREE!

The solution to the current health insurance debacle is really very simple.  Quit using insurance to pay for everyday health care. No one uses car insurance to pay for wiper blades or oil changes. That kind of car insurance would be way too expensive. Now, think about health insurance! Like car insurance, health insurance is meant for the big bad stuff, not everyday health care. 

Direct Primary Care is the only way for employees to get exceptional healthcare anymore.  It’s the most affordable.  And the most convenient way as well.  It’s not insurance, it’s real, everyday healthcare. Employers are saving money on employee benefits while employees get unlimited, free health care, any day or every day.  

Give us 20 minutes and we will change the way you think about healthcare and employee benefits. We shine a light on the problem and expose the health insurance scam. We will show you how to save money and give your employees health benefits that they will appreciate.  

Click here to reach out.  We don’t bite.  Or cost anything for our guidance.

We’ve got a file cabinet full of testimonials to prove how much people love this new benefit:

I researched all of my options with regards to health coverage & service. I decided to join a Direct Primary Care practice as a patient & I know I made the right decision. I visited with my dedicated doctor for a check up & everyone was absolutely fantastic. Insurance companies have been ripping us off for years & it’s about time there’s a change. I’ll soon have my employees signed up as well.

Jay Abiona — December 16, 2016

I’m so happy to be have direct primary care benefits. The doctor and his staff make me feel so valued and welcome and it’s a completely different experience from standard insurance based medical care. I love that they’re so accessible to me. I’m just having to adjust my thinking since so many of the things I used to pay for out of pocket are included in my plan with them – what a welcome change!

Kim Balducci — September 28, 2016

They provided consistent and high quality care from day one. The doctors listen to your concerns, ask questions, and make sure the underlying reasons for your concerns or symptoms are diagnosed and treated. They really care about the health and well-being of their patients – even after the appointment is over. They are readily available and make getting well and staying healthy more convenient than ever. Would highly recommend!

Sarah Weller — April 11, 2016

These people know and love what they do. They treat me like family. I can always reach them. They are always responsive and take care of me, no matter if I’m at home or away on business. I trust them with my life and my health, you should too!

Mark Ferraz — April 5, 2016

I just had a need for my Dr. It was 8 pm on Monday night. I was having chest pain. I called my Dr.’s cell phone, he immediately became concerned. Telling me to call an ambulance and get to the hospital. My Dr. continued to call for updates and provided valuable counciling until 4am. It’s a valuable and important choice for me and my family.

Greg Carlson —May 21, 2016

My quality of medical care has increased exponentially. The doctors and staff are extremely competent and actually know me, my history and how to handle my chronic issues better than doctors I’ve had for years. I think because of the time saving factor on both ends, the doctors are able to research issues, study my history and regularly monitor my ongoing issues and therefore they have a better overall knowledge of my health than any other “traditional” health care provider in the past. I love the time saving factor of being able to reach my doctor by phone or text. When I was home ill with the flu I didn’t have to get dressed, drive to an office, and sit in a waiting room. My Dr. called me quickly after notifying him I was ill through the Hale app., did an on-the-phone-analysis of my symptoms, and called me in a prescription. That type of care is invaluable! I appreciate that the doctor calls me personally. I also appreciate that the doctors truly listen. They respect my knowledge of my body and my knowledge of my history and experiences with different medications. They truly listen to my past experiences and help to determine what is the best next step for me. Any chance I get I’m telling people about my new health care. Who wouldn’t want direct access to their doctor and to save money, and to know you are getting the best care you have ever received!

Karen Hammond - May 16, 2017