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PEO Brokers & Why You Want One

If you’ve been thinking about HR outsourcing, you’ve likely started doing the research. You probably saw that Google turns up something around a billion hits for PEO. That won’t do anything to make your process easier, but a PEO specialist will.

HR outsourcing is a very involved transaction, if you do it right. It’s a lot like a commercial real estate transaction in that way. It seemed so simple; just call the number on the sign, right? But it’s never that easy is it? You’ve got too much at stake to learn about HR outsourcing on the fly.

Every PEO has the fancy website and well trained salesmen. PEO sales people are paid to make the PEO profit, not you. They sell PEO every day, you buy it once every few years. It seems so obvious to not try some things on your own, yet some owners still roll the dice on selecting a PEO. Why gamble when our competitive process guarantees the best prices from the best PEOs? Best of all, it’s Free!