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PEO Consulting Services

Moving to a PEO or switching vendors?  If so, here’s why you should use our complimentary PEO consulting services.

Every business pays a different amount for the same benefits and services from a PEO.  The difference is understanding how PEOs price their services and knowing how to represent your company to the PEO correctly.

Our PEO consulting services will give you the advantage.  Saving you a tremendous amount of time and constantly deliver lower rates.

Since outsourcing HR to a PEO is a fundamental business strategy we recommend to every client, we’re PEO consulting experts.  We help clients secure the lowest rates when contracting HR services from a PEO.

If you’re outsourcing HR to PEO for the first time, we saved one client around $250,000 per year by outsourcing HR to a PEO and getting access to more affordable health benefits.

We offer PEO consulting services complimentary for all businesses.  It’s shocking when we discover a company who hasn’t shifted the burden (and the risk) of HR to one of the 700+ professional employer organizations in the United States.

Our PEO consulting services include:

  • Review of current payroll related expenses such as administration, workers’ compensation and employee benefits.
  • Collect and prepare the underwriting materials to obtain the best rate quotation from MULTIPLE qualified vendors.
  • Preparation and presentation of the PEO proposals.
  • New client setup and on-going account management services.
  • Monitor the status of the relationship with the PEO to ensure satisfaction.
  • An annual policy review, suitability audit and cost/benefit analysis.

The biggest challenge when outsourcing HR to a PEO is selecting the best PEO for your business and negotiating the most favorable rates for PEO services and benefits.

Most companies don’t have any experience contracting with a PEO.  They underestimate the complexity of the transaction.  This results in overpaying for services and benefits.  Our PEO consulting handles everything for you.

Contracting with a PEO is not automatic.  The process involves considerable underwriting effort by the PEO to evaluate risk.  Just like a life insurance policy for an individual, your business will be evaluated, rated and judged.  Most businesses get turned down by the PEO if they don’t use our PEO consulting services.

The best thing to do is let an expert help you with the process.  Aliere Advisors offers PEO consulting for small business as a complimentary service.

Why Use A PEO?

Business owners give all kinds of reasons why they won’t consider moving to a PEO…

  • It’s too expensive or we can’t afford it.
    This is a common concern for most companies.  The fact is employment litigation is at an all-time high.  It costs, on average, approximately $288,000 if a case goes to trial not including any fines or penalties.  Just attorney fees.  Most cases are settled out of court for around $88,000.  Do you have that kind of margin floating around?  A PEO will protect your company from employment litigation while giving you access to more affordable and better health benefits.  
  • We don’t need to do it right now.
    The worst time to outsource HR to a PEO is right after something negative has happened inside your business such as a workers comp claim, a major medical issue, OSHA inspection/fine, etc.  Once that happens, your company appears too risky and you’ll end up paying more for the PEO’s services.  Or they’ll deny you altogether.  NEVER wait.  You never know what the future will bring.
  • We have HR covered already.
    You might think you have it covered, but it’s impossible to do in-house what a professional employer organization can do.  PEOs provide HR services and employee benefits to thousands of businesses.  All they do is provide world class HR administration services and manage employee benefits.  Once you’re with a PEO, you’ll have access to a ton of HR services and be able to offer much better employee benefits.
What is a PEO?

A PEO is short for a Professional Employer Organization. A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) relieves businesses from the hassle of human resources and workforce administration.  A PEO helps companies with complex employment tasks such as managing employee benefits, payroll administration, quarterly payroll tax processing, risk management, workers’ compensation and ACA regulations.  PEO companies provide the following bundled services: Payroll Administration, Employee Benefits, Human Resource and Compliance, Risk Management and Workers’ Compensation Management, as well as many other services.

PEOs provide health benefits and other services to thousands of employees at once.  PEOs have the buying power of a major employer so they can negotiate better rates and offer a more comprehensive employee benefits programs than a small business can get on their own.  Each PEO is different, and some are better than others which is why you need an expert to help guide you.

How does a PEO reduce employment risk?

PEOs operate from a “co-employment” relationship. Co-employment is when the PEO acts as the Administrative employer, and the client acts as the Worksite employer. This relationship creates a true partnership. The PEO Company becomes the “employer of record” for employment matters and benefit purposes, thereby assuming many of the responsibilities and liabilities for the client company.

By leveraging a “co-employment” relationship, your employees are grouped with the PEO’s other ’employees’ to give the PEO large group buying power. The PEO will then handle payroll admin, payroll taxes, unemployment administration, human resources compliance as well as compliance with the Affordable Healthcare Act regulations.  The daily burden of HR administration shifts to the PEO.  Your company dramatically reduces the work resources associated with transactional HR functions.  You open up more resources for growth – instead juggling around with HR.

How Does a PEO Help My Business?
  • Payroll Administration

Optimizing your Payroll Service, Technology, Reporting and Tax Administration are all services included with a PEO. Working with a PEO will give you more time to do what you do best: grow your business.

  • Employee Benefits

Fortune 500 benefit packages streamlined from one source. With complete employee benefits administration, support and compliance, helping you recruit and retain top talent without having to deal with administrative headaches.

  • Risk Management

Assisting with administration & claims, OSHA compliance, work-site hazard assessments, drug-free workplace programs and on-site safety trainings & more. Comprehensive loss-control strategy, protecting clients from claims of wrongful employment acts, such as discrimination, harassment and wrongful termination.

  • Workers’ Compensation

With a convenient pay-as-you-go program—no deposits, no advance premiums, no deductibles, no year-end audits or other hassles. This helps eliminate large upfront premium payments, improving cash flow.

  • Human Resources

Managing HR administrative tasks, keeping up-to-date and in compliance with all federal & state employment laws, unemployment claims administration, providing up to date employee handbooks and expert guidance with regard to all employment related laws and practices.

  • The Affordable Care Act (ACA)

PEOs will help clarify, simplify and guide your business through all the information and laws that pertain to ACA and make sense of how it effects your company. It is complex, but we have prepared many unique solutions & options for every situation. We will take care of all the tedious reporting that ACA will require businesses to do thereby easing your burden.


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