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We help Business Owners, CEOs, CFOs, Private Equity Firms and Senior Leadership get more dollars flowing to the bottom line by reducing employment costs without disrupting the organization or upsetting your employees. The average client usually saves about $1,000 – $3,000 per employee per year with zero reduction in benefits or coverage.

We can show you how to immediately:

  1. Shift your thinking and see profit buried in sales, operations, and HR
  2. Unlock internal resources tied up managing non-revenue producing activities
  3. Rapidly shift employer risk and liability away from the business
  4. Increase future stability – without any increase in cost

During your free consultation, we’ll share with you several strategies we use for reducing employment costs without rocking the boat.

The only person who understands the value of a business is a potential buyer. They see the opportunity. They see what the business isn’t doing efficiently and knows it’s value. Imagine if you could read the mind of a potential buyer? What if you saw the same opportunity and acted on it?

After being involved with hundreds of transactions, our team analyzes the business like a buyer, except we tell you what they won’t – how to quickly make it more valuable.

Why work with Aliere to find opptunities hiding in operations and HR?

  • We’ll discuss your opportunities and challenges from an unbiased viewpoint.
  • We’ll identify the top employment costs impacting cash flow and how to make improvements.
  • We’ll support your team and free up valuable resources inside the business.
  • You’ll get access to our network of trusted advisors to solve problems and overcome challenges.
  • Our consulting is 100% performance-based.

Every minute a client invests with Aliere Advisors will produce a positive return. That’s our promise. What we’ll show you works — when applied. I guarantee our strategies will make your life easier, your business more valuable, and will produce happier employees, profit and bottom-line revenue.

The initial strategy session is how we find out if we can add significant value or not.

There’s no risk. There’s never any obligation to move forward.

Fill out the form and get in touch with us. Once you submit the form, you’ll get an email confirmation and then someone from our office will be in touch with you shortly.