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Can I Show You Our Complete 10-Step Process for Helping Small Businesses Slash HR Costs by 20-40% In As Little As 60 Days?

But first I have to tell you something: The numbers are in…and they don’t look good.

The sad truth is that 85% of the companies that come to us find out that they are overspending with their current HR strategy.

More important, these hard-working, red-blooded Americans have been overpaying for an average of 7 YEARS! The result? Tens – if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars drained out of their bank account and flushed straight down the toilet.

However, we can put a stop to that, today. How?

With a free, no obligation HR Strategy Review and Cost Analysis.
Here’s how it works.

Step #1 - Initial Discussion

First, we’ll schedule an introductory call (10-15 minute conversation) over the phone or in person. Our goal in speaking is to get a better understanding of your company’s objectives, and decide whether or not an HR Strategy Review & Cost Analysis would be of value.

Step #2 - Data Collection

Once we’ve determined an HR Cost Analysis is in fact a good fit for your business, we’ll send you a couple of documents to fill out. These forms help us better understand your numbers, and contain the exact same information a PEO or insurance broker would request to secure quotes on your behalf.

Step #3 - Pre-Underwriting Clean Up

From there, our internal analysts will review the information you provided to identify any red-flags (explained below).

In general, PEOs and insurance carriers determine rates based on a number of factors (workers comp and group health history in particular). By performing this review, we ensure the underwriters don’t make assumptions that result in a higher quotes being sent back.

Next, we submit your cleaned up information to the (pre-screened and closely vetted) PEOs and insurance carriers best suited to your specific situation. In doing this, we begin the competitive bidding process of getting the top PEOs fighting to earn your business.

Step #4 - Underwriting and Proposal Gathering

Assuming the PEOs and carriers like what they see, they’ll send your information to the underwriters (in addition to sending us any questions they might have). How we respond at this point is critical, as this is the part of the process where mistakes drive up costs.

You, however, do not have to worry. Because our team of experts negotiates with these companies on a daily basis, we know exactly which pitfalls to avoid.

Step #6 - Detailed Cost Analysis

From there, we convert the quotes into our easy-to-understand HR Cost Analysis Report. This allows you to make a clear apples-to-apples comparison, a process that is maddeningly complicated (if not impossible) when dealing with individual providers on your own. Further, our free cost analysis compares your current HR expenses against the proposed quotes.

Step #7 - Proposal Presentation

Once your cost analysis is completed, we’ll sit down and review the details together. In particular, we’ll discuss each vendor’s proposal, compare pricing, and share our insight as to the advantages of each one.

Step #8 - Decision Making Guidance

As was mentioned, 95% of the businesses that come to us discover they’re overpaying for their current HR strategy or PEO provider. So if you like what you see, we’ll guide you through the process of getting started with the best provider for your unique situation.

Step #9 - Vendor Introductions

Assuming you’d like one of the vendors in our proposal – remember, our service is free and carries no obligation – the next step is to put the two of you in touch. Once the new relationship has been established, the vendor will take over from there.

And please note: We stay involved in the process from A to Z, side-by-side to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Step #10 - Satisfaction Monitoring

Unlike some brokers, who want to shove you out the door ASAP so they can focus on churning out new business, we’ll stay in touch every few months to make sure you are fully satisfied. Because at the end of the day, our #1 goal is to help you find the best HR strategy for your unique business.

And while it’s unlikely, there is a 5% chance your current HR strategy is already the best option. If that’s the case, our cost analysis will confirm that you should keep doing what you are doing – no high pressure sales tactics or arm twisting period.

Now you could be one of the fortunate 15% and already have the best HR strategy. If that’s the case congratulations. Going through our process will allow you to keep doing what you are doing with confidence.  With us there’s no high pressure tactics or arm twisting, period.

Ready to find out if you can slash 20-40% off your biggest expense and move it straight to the bottom line?

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