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PEO Consulting

PEO is Complicated. Aliere Makes It Simple.

The Basics

Specialization and outsourcing is becomming more common everyday. HR and benefits is a highly regulated and specialized area of business. Many businesses love the value offered by a turn key vendor such as a PEO or ASO.  Aliere has extensive experience and resources in the PEO and ASO sector.  If you are thinking about moving to a PEO or switching between PEO vendors we can help.

Our Services Include

Review of current payroll related expenses such as administration, workers’ compensation and employee benefits

Collect and prepare the underwriting materials to obtain the best rate quotation from multiple qualified vendors

Preparation and presentation of the PEO proposals

New client setup and on-going account management services

Monitor the status of the relationship with the PEO to ensure satisfaction

An annual policy review, suitability audit, and cost/benefit analysis

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