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Medical Cost Sharing For Groups


Lets be honest, health insurance has gotten so bad that employees hardly appreciate it anymore. The truth is nobody likes health insurance. On top of ridiculous monthly premiums, you’re still on the hook for a fat deductible and co-insurance if something bad happens.  But medical cost sharing is changing all that.  The monthly share amount is about half of the average health insurance premium.  Instead of a big fat deductible, sharing members just pay an initial unshared amount, as low as $500 per incident.  After the IUA any medical expenses after that are shared with the Sedera community.  Its so simple and easy to understand and to use, employees love it.  

It’s ideal for employers who are still looking for affordable ways to reward and retain good people.  

The success of Uber, Air BnB, Gofundme and others, proves that Sharing is big business. Its changing the world we live in. But, medical cost sharing isn’t just another digital-newbie. These like minded individuals have been sharing each others medical bills for more than 30 years!  Why go broke to pay for health insurance they don’t even like.  Affordable medical cost sharing gives employees peace of mind, knowing they won’t get wiped-out by an ugly ER bill, a staggering surgery, or something worse.

Now just to be clear, medical cost sharing sounds a lot like better health insurance, it is not health insurance!  Actually, it’s better – especially for employers.  The membership guidelines that are simple and easy for employees to understand. When they have questions Aliere and Sedera are eager to help. There is no network restriction or penalty. Members are free to go to any doctor or hospital.  No matter how bad it is, or how long it takes there’s are no annual or lifetime cap.

Aliere Access medical cost sharing is a voluntary benefit.  Any employer contribution is completely up to you. Some employers pay as little as 50% of employee only, while others pay 100%. Employees can always add family members for an additional amount. Your employees will love that the membership is portable, with no rate increase. Employees can take over the membership if they move or change employers.


Direct Primary Care

Membership based primary care is also known as Direct Primary Care or DPC.  It’s a new and innovative way to address everyday care without the hassles or headaches of health insurance.  DPC members are matched with a personal DPC doctor in the area. Members say, ‘DPC is like having a doctor in your family’.  It’s a perfect match with the Aliere Access medical cost sharing.

Self funded employers love what DPC can do to reduce health claims. Other employers want to provide employees with a total health solution that includes everyday care by blending Aliere Access with DPC.    

A low monthly fee gets members:

  • Unlimited office visits with their doctor
  • 24/7 access to doctor (via phone, text or video chats)
  • Low cost labs, x-rays and medications
  • Same or Next Day Appointments
  • Chronic care coordination
  • A reduced monthly shared amount

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