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Medical Cost Sharing

Medical cost sharing is a super affordable alternative to traditional health insurance. It works great for individuals and families who live healthy lives. Its ideal for people who just want to know that when something bad happens (because sooner or later it will) they won’t get wiped out by a $10,000 ER visit, a $50,000 surgery or much worse.

Medical cost sharing will save you between 30 – 60% vs health Insurance.

Sharing is everywhere these days. Uber, Air BnB and Gofundme all prove that the sharing economy is working.  But medical cost sharing isn’t just another digital new comer.  Members have been sharing their medical bills for more than 30 years.

Today more than 2 million Americans count on a medical cost sharing membership to address the unpredictable and sky high costs of catastrophic and higher level healthcare.


Direct Primary Care

DPC is also known as membership based primary care.  It’s a new and innovative way to approach everyday care needs without the insurance hassles. DPC goes perfectly with the Aliere Access medical cost sharing plan.  

A single monthly membership fee gets patients:

  • Unlimited office visits
  • 24/7 access to doctor (via phone, text or video chats)
  • Low cost labs, x-rays and medications
  • Same or Next Day Appointments
  • Chronic care coordination