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"I'm impressed how knowledgable you guys are when it comes to our overall HR strategy and finding better coverage for our employees.

That six-figure annual savings was a real eye-opener for us.  Nice work."
GREG MANCUSO, M-M Properties

Employee benefits can drive real, measurable results when combined with the right HR strategy. We help you find the best options for your business.

Health care is the second largest expense for most companies. If you aren't seeing enough 'benefit' from your benefits, let's talk about a new approach. It all starts with an initial discovery call.

90% of the time, we succeed by putting thousands of wasted dollars back on the bottom line without affecting employee coverage. Sign up today. Waiting for next renewal might the most expensive thing to do.

Do our strategies work?  

80% of respondents to a recent survey said their opinion of the employer improved after implementing just ONE of our recommendations.​ (Be the hero around the office for finding better benefits and having the vision to explore new possiblities.) ​​​​​​ 

79% of respondents reported that their health has improved after implementing our recommendation for healthcare coverage.  (Forget employee wellness programs. They don't work at all compared to this new approach employees love.)
Employees with chronic conditions cost on average 30% less when you have this strategy in place. (Most chronic conditions can be avoided before they get too expensive.  But you must have this healthcare option in place. We can show you how at no cost.)
Employees spent 18% less on outpatient expenses and 11% less on pharmacy expenses when the employer utilized one of our recommendations. (Traditional health insurance does NOT reduce out of pocket costs anymore. And it's not getting any better.  It's time for a fresh approach.)
Employees went to the ER (the most expensive place to go for care) 23% less when the employer had this strategy in place.  (Healthcare is way too expensive and way too inconvienent now.  Employees are skipping the doctor visit and going to urgent care, or  ER instead. Stop the madness today.) 
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